Value and promote culture diversity in community
Formed in October 1997, in Somerset County, New Jersey, U.S.A., HXPAT is a non-profit organization with members who share common interests in promoting American and Chinese culture, education, performing arts, celebrating community diversity, and cultivating individual artistry. All of the staff are full-time working people in various professions. Under the direction of professional artists, they practice every Friday night at Qing Yang Dance Studio and perform in their spare time for many community cultural festivals and events in the NJ, NY metropolitan area.
Dancers (Year 2019)
  Qing Yang, Helen Gu, Cynthia Xu, Lucy Sha, Yanlin Wang, Jean Xie, Jinjin Chen, Zhuanwu Yang, Allison Xiao, Aihua Tong, FlonaYing Liu, Julia Gao, Sherry Zhang, Mark Wang, , Julia Gao, Junshu Zhao, Lei Mao, Jing Lee  
  Dancers (Year 2015-2016):  
  Qing Yang, Helen Gu, Mei Li, Lucy Sha, Yanlin Wang, Brenda Wu, Zhuanwu Yang, Cynthia Xu, Haijun Hu, Frank Gan, Chong Gui, Allison Xiao, Aihua Tong, Annie Wang, Fiona Liu, Sherry Liu, Julia Gao, Mark Wang, Sharon Zhang  
  Previous Years in Dance Team:  
  Ou Li, Ranbin Zhao, Jinjin Chen, Jean Xie, Yu Zhang, Lula Dong, Lucy Chu, Yingying Xu, Qing Gu, Hong Wang, Zhe Wang, Wei Li, Lindsey Wang, Peter Lui, Nancy Gao, Lucy Xu, etc.  
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