QING YANG YOUTH DANCE TROUPE was established in 2005, the dance troupe consists of children from the ages of 7 to 17. The troupe has won the adoration and praise of many audiences through performances in many NJ/NY dance showcases. Well known for their graceful and spirited dance performances, these children deeply love Chinese culture and continue to grow both culturally and artistically. The troupe has been invited to perform Chinese dance at Lincoln Art Center and NJ state theater, and shooting a short film for DIScrit 89 plus Promotion, the grand to support the best international creative practices by DIS, an European magazine. Qing Yang Youth Dance Troupe has participated many dance competitions and achieved outstanding results. They have won youth solo high gold award and first place of group dance at Beyond The Star dance competition in US, double champions in both ballet and folk dances at The US Youth Talent and Art Competitions, and gold and silver medals at National Chinese Youth Talent competition, Beijing, China.

杨青少儿舞蹈艺术团成立于2005年。艺术团的小成员都是生长在美国新泽西州的在校华裔学生,年龄在7岁到17 岁。 她们曾多次参加新泽西和纽约大都会地区的大型文艺演出。她们优美的舞蹈,生动活泼的表演, 赢得了观众的广泛 赞誉和喜爱。 她们热爱中华艺术,利用业余时间学习中国舞蹈和文化, 并介绍传播给其它族裔。她们曾应邀在纽约 林肯艺术中心和新州州立剧场表演中国舞蹈,并被欧洲 DIS 杂志邀请为DIScrit 89 plus拍摄短片以推广国际创新艺术。 舞蹈丰富了她们的成长经历。杨青少儿舞蹈艺术团多次参加各种舞蹈大赛,并取得优异成绩。这其中包括美国超越名 星青少年组独舞金奖和群舞第一名,第二届美国华裔青少年才艺大赛总决赛民族舞和芭蕾舞两项冠军,以及在北京举 办的中华青少年英才全国总决赛金奖和银奖。
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Grace He, Katie Zhang, Hannah Wang, Annie Yao,Jenny Zhang, Elain Chen,Skyla Qian, Grace Yuang, Rebecca Tang, Bonnie Chen, Melody Li, Cindy Ma, Helena He , Kenneth He, Amanda Lu, Allison Liang, Michelle Peng, Nelly Lan, Anna Liu, Marilyn Chen, Fiona Fan, Angela Vollcova, Anndrea Zhang, Dianna Tang, Laurina Guo, Emily Guo, Rudyi Xu, Angelina Xu, Alicia Xu, Sophie Wang, Cherie Xu, Yolanda Zhang, Emily Wu, Zora Watts, Emily Zhang, Julia Zhou, Ashley Zhang, Jasmine Cheng, Angela Yan, Victoria Yan
Year 2015 - 2018
Grace Chen, Emily Zhao, Lily Qiu, Katherine Li, Michelle Li, Angela Yang, Michelle Yang, Grace He, Katie Zhang, Nikita Tang, Wendy Wu, Annie Li, Isabella Zhou, Katherine Jiao, Hannah Wang, Annie Gao
Emily Ren, Stephanie Wang, Grace Yeung, Kathy Gong, Jenny Zhang, Skyla Qian, Annie Yao, Kaia Wu, Cindy Ma, Kathleen Zhang, Tracey Liu, Helena He, Kenneth He, Ellison Liang
Bonnie Chen, Michelle Peng, Jennifer Gu, Meilin Fischer, Jasmine Zhang, Kate Guo, Jessie Wang, Marilyn Chen, Angela Volkova, Amanda Lu, Sabrina Chan, Laurina Guo, Emily Guo, Emma Liu, Bonnie Law
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Lilly Guo, Ellen Luo, Vivian Hu, Jennifer Xu, Grace Chen, Alina Li, Tiffany Lin, Lucy Zhang, Tia Wangli, Katherine Chu, Karen Feng, Maggie Shun, MaryAnn Zhao, Jacqueline Wang, Christy Xu, Catherine Dai, Jennifer Fang, Amy Xiao Zhang, Savannah Zhang, Catherine Zheng
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