Sunny Dance Troupe was founded in 2005. Most members are working professionals who live and work in Central New Jersey. The original intention was to enhance the artistic accomplishment and health through dancing, as well as enjoying Chinese modern and traditional culture. Under the guidance of dance artist Qing Yang, they learn and practice Chinese folk dance, participant in community and group activities which promotes health and happiness.

  Current Active Dancers (Year 2015-2016):  
  Lan Tang, Qin Zhang, Hangdong Guo, Li Zhang, Chen Lu, Lin Yu, Ruiwen Wu, Aihua He, Jing Yu, June Guan  
  Previous Years in Dance Team:  
  Shirley Gu, Xiang Wu, Kathy Mao, Shrah Li, Hong Yu, Hong Wang, Qiouyang Wu, Liping Song, Jue-chen Liu, Junxia Xie, Katherrine Zeng, Qingyi Gao, etc.  
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